The Works initiated HATCH – The Saturday Presenting Series was created in the Spring of 1997 in response to the need in the dance field for a cost-free space in which to present the work of both emerging and established artists.

The Works Studio provides an environment in which to show work in a “bare bones” state prior to the necessity of adding production elements (i.e., costumes, decor and lights).  It is our belief that the informality of the space is conducive to investigating new directions and, in the artist/audience discussions, to receiving feedback in a constructive fashion.  The intention of the series is to include as wide a range of stylistic work as possible thereby reflecting The Works’ deeply rooted, inclusive approach to arts advocacy.

The Works Studio on 24th Street in Chelsea has been in existence as a choreographic space and informal presentation space since 1967.  Since its inception, it has been the space for Jennifer Muller’s work.  Additionally, the studio was originally used to house the Louis Falco Dance Company.  For the past 39 years, the space has been the home for Jennifer Muller/The Works.

Since it opened, the studio has been utilized for dance and theater rehearsals, workshops, events and most significantly, for its relevance to the HATCH Series, as a space in which to show dance and theater work in an informal setting.  Over the years, the space has held views not only of choroegraphy but theatrical readings, lecture-demonstrations, discussion groups, backer’s audition, video and musical tapings and audience-attended open rehearsals.  However, until HATCH, these activities have occurred outside of a presentation structure and were organized by request, happenstance, and availability.


The HATCH Presenting Series was conceived in response to a number of issues.  Given increased financial pressures in the dance field, fewer opportunities were available to show work without the enormous pressure of an often prohibitive, financial commitment.  HATCH previews work in advance of producing work in more established venues and provides a place to show work in development.

We have great hopes that this series will benefit all participants – artists and audience alike – and will continue to develop as a viable alternative environment.  We welcome your response to this series.

This program presents Saturday evening performances each year sectioned into Fall and Spring series. The emerging choreographers who participate in the HATCH Series vary in age, perspective and technique.

The Works believes that each of the artist’s voices deserves a platform for mentorship and performance. The dances offered range from solo to group pieces, some accompanied by live music or actors. The series has presented over 700 choreographic works.


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