Check Out Talissa Bavaresco! See her new piece this Saturday 8:00pm @ Jennifer Muller/The Works


Native of Paraná, Brazil and NYC based, Talissa Bavaresco is a Dancer and Choreographer with expertise in Classical Ballet, Jazz and Muller Polarity Techniques, as well as the Theater and Commercial world.  She was the first Brazilian to graduate from Joffrey Ballet’s Jazz&Contemporary Program on a four years merit-scholarship and furthered her studies at the Scholarship-Apprentice Program at Jennifer Muller/The Works.

Talissa has performed with dance companies such as Keigwin+Company, Joffrey Ensemble, Humans Collective, Jazz Ain’t Dead, TunanuT and KR3T’S; and done independent works with Nicole Wolcott, Tyler Gilstrap, Gabrielle Lamb, Patrick O’Brien, Manuel Vignoulle, Mark Caserta and more.

Commercially, Talissa has performed live with Grammy Award winner artist Kimbra at the Park Armory Gala-17’ and was featured in Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness’ ‘So Close’ and Ivan Modoni/Oriion’s ‘Indigo’ music-videos. She performed at PANORAMA Music Festival-2017 with The Windmill Factory and has worked with JoiLynn Moves on concept videos and FlashMobs in partnership with Flash Mob America.

Choreographically, Talissa has presented works at DUMBO Dance Festival, Dixon Place’s ‘8 in Show’, The New York Jazz Choreography Project, JCE Jazz Dance Project, WAXworks, HATCH Presenting Series, Holi Hai Festival NYC, Uptown Rising and NACHMO.


Here are some of her thoughts on the upcoming showing.  

Why is it helpful to present a work in progress?

HATCH is a great platform for works in progress due to the interactive discussion between choreographers and audiences that happen at the end of each show. It is a good opportunity for choreographers to note what the audience’s initial take aways and reactions are, and also a special moment to ask questions the choreographer has been wondering about the work from an audience perspective.

Why is it important to present this piece of choreography to audiences in NYC?

There is always such a wide range of spectators within the HATCH audiences. From other dancers and choreographer, dance supporters and enthusiast, to friends and family with no dance related background or necessarily a dance interest. Insight from both types of audiences are extremely valuable to a choreographer, specially during their creative process. You also get audience members who are actors, writers, lighting, set or costume designers, who give valuable contributions to other aspects of a choreographer’s work that they might have not given as much thought to as of yet.

What should HATCH audiences look forward to in your work?

I am interested to see what their personal take away are, what parts of the work stood out to them and why, and if there were moments where they were compelled to see something/expected something to happen.

Come out and support her new choreography!

Tickets can be purchased here


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