Check out Melissa Reardon! Choreographing for the December 1st HATCH Showing


Here are some of Melissa’s thoughts on the upcoming showing!
Why is it helpful to present a work in progress?
As a choreographer I am always striving to create quality work that truly conveys my
vision and intention in an appropriate way. Throughout my process I am constantly
adjusting choreography and seeking input from the dancers. For me, presenting a work
in progress allows me to sit back and experience the piece as an audience member. I
try to take myself outside of my “choreographer’s brain” and sit back and let the
performance speak to me. It also gives me a chance to feel the energy of the audience
and gage the reactions. I can then take what I have experienced, and the feedback from
others who have viewed the piece and go back to the studio and continue to develop
the work.
Who are the most rewarding dancers for you to work with and why?
Everyone loves a technically sound dancer (so do I!) but for me, a dancer that is able to
dance with intention, passion and contribute to the piece is gold. The dancers in this
piece were a prime example of the type of dancer I prefer to work with. Not only are
they extremely well trained and experienced, but they cared about the story. They
wanted to know specifics about my fathers illness and my mothers experiences (Roles
were reversed for the piece). They had input and contributed to the choreography. They
were also able to take the material given and make it personal. It is also vital to me that
my dancers can relate to and connect to each other. Without that, there is just no way
the message will be relayed to the audience.
Why is it important to present this piece of choreography to audiences in
Coming from a small town in New Jersey, I am looking forward to the feedback from
audience members and other dance professionals. Its was always beneficial to present
work in different areas in order to know that you can reach people from different areas
and backgrounds.
What should HATCH audiences look forward to in your work?
In this work the audience should look forward to watching a relationship unfold through
movement. There are so many layers to this piece. Though I did reverse the roles for
partnering purposes you will experience what a person suffering from a physical and
mental illness experiences personally, what their loved one experiences and how the
relationship is affected. Having lived through this- I hope the audience will experience
the journey and the love that prevails. Our hope is that the audience will be truly drawn
in to the emotion and breath of the piece.


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