Abilities Dance Boston. Presenting work on November 10th, 8:00pm



Abilities Dance Boston will be presenting work choreographed by Ellice Patterson

Ellice Patterson is the founder and director of Abilities Dance, a Boston- based dance company that welcomes dancers of with and without disabilities. Her work in Abilities is modern focused with an adaptive twist so that dance is accessible to all. Outside of exclusively Abilities Dance’s shows, her choreography has appeared in Third Life Choreographer Series, Green St. Studio’s SEEDS showcase and Garage Festival, Lacey Sasso & Company’s Deeply Rooted, Abilities Expo, Bill Evans Somatic Conference, Boston Contemporary Dance Festival, and The Series: Vol IV at the Ailey Citigroup Theatre. She has appeared in the Dove Real Beauty and Slick Chicks campaigns. She has given lectures and workshops at universities and organizations across the country. She also earned her Bachelors of Arts in Biological Sciences from Wellesley College and her Masters of Science in Management Studies from Boston University Questrom School of Business.

Here are some of her thoughts on her upcoming presentation.

Why is it helpful to present a work in progress?

Presenting works in progress is helpful because it allows me to tailor feedback from the audience before presenting it in a more formal setting. I always value feedback in ascertaining if the audience is not only reading my intention clearly but seeing intentions that I might not have realized. The feedback adds layers to the work and allows it to mature. Plus, it is relieving to take a break from overthinking and throw work out there with the safety of the “in progress” label to allow for constructive criticism and support.

Who are the most rewarding dancers for you to work with and why?

All of the dancers in Abilities Dance Boston are rewarding to work with. Their vastly different personalities and experiences bring something new for me to learn as I develop further into a choreographer. 

Why is it important to present this piece of choreography to audiences in NYC?

It is nice to get an outside perspective from our home in Boston. It allows for diverse thought and new ideas that I might not have gotten at home. It also allows for new connections with other choreographers that might lend their voice to help the work take new shape.

What should HATCH audiences look forward to in your work?

HATCH audiences should look forward to original composition by our amazing director of music Andrew Choe, movements that celebrate diverse bodies and identities, and a bit of Boston dance in New York!

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