Welcome, Anaya Bobst

Anaya Bobst Dance Photo 1
Originally from Sweden, Anaya Bobst is a dancer, choreographer, collaborator, and writer. Anaya has performed in works by DanceTheYard, Martha Graham, David Norsworthy, Matt Pardo, Douglas Bentz, and in choreographies and installations by colleagues. Anaya has managed and implemented an independently choreographed installation at Point Park University, choreographed student projects, created works for Burdette Dance Tech, and collaborated with other artists. She brings a diverse and holistic set of experiences to the dance field as a grant writer and researcher for Suzzanne Ponomarenko Dance Company and previous Networking Forum Coordinator at the Prix de Lausanne, Artist-Intern at The Yard, administrative assistant for Point Park University´s previous Chair of the Dance Department Ruben Graciani, modern dance class demonstrator for Point Park professor Jason McDole, and research assistant for Founder and CEO of JenEd Productions Jennifer Edwards. In April 2017, she graduated Summa Cum Laude with a B.F.A in Dance and a minor in Entrepreneurship from Point Park University. Anaya thanks her mentors and teachers who have deeply influenced her journey in life and in dance.

Anaya Bobst will be traveling from Sweden to perform her solo work in progress at HATCH on Saturday, March 31 at  Jennifer Muller/The Works. Click here to purchase tickets!

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Artist’s Statement:

I personally thrive on the rigorous involvement and social exchange of choreographing, performing, discussing, and watching dance in communities. Presenting a work in progress helps to eliminate the pressure of a finalized product for me and can instead open up the process of the creation and encourage people’s feedback. The audience’s response often guides me towards evaluating and improving a piece, which can then result in effectively reaching a wider range of audiences. Works in progress platforms are crucial to make dance more accessible and for the growth of artists, educators, and creators in the field.


Dancers who are generous, committed, passionate, and curious to explore and learn more about the art form inspire me. I also believe that staying true to one’s integrity and values is vital in the field. When collaborating with others, I search for compassionate art makers who desire to engage people in dance environments that prosper on artistic energies.

This piece is inspired by John Reed’s poem Sonnet 82, and was created during a transitional and important time in my life. When I got the opportunity to present the work at Hatch, I felt that the combination of spoken word and movement I utilize in this work, could be interesting for such an inclusive and encouraging environment. As I strive to be part of a community that allows for aspiring and emerging artists to create a dialogue and connect with people through their dances, I feel that the community in NYC is a great place to start.

I am an intuitive, thoughtful, and enthusiastic person who is interested in creating meaningful experiences and dynamic “worlds” into which people can enter. This work reflects my explorations of physical, gestural, and conceptual ideas, while expressing generosity and stimulating curiosity.

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