Announcing Talissa Bavaresco


Native from Paraná – Brazil, Talissa Bavaresco is a New York City based Artist, Performer and Independent Choreographer. She was the very first Brazilian to graduate from the Joffrey Ballet School’s Jazz and Contemporary Trainee program, where she was mentored choreographically by Nicole Wolcott. She performed with the School’s Company, The Joffrey Ensemble, on her Senior Year, and had the pleasure of being Tyler Gilstrap’s Assistant to the Choreographer for Joffrey Ensemble’s Spring Performance of 2017. Her choreography has most recently been seen at NYC’s prestigious DUMBO Dance Festival of 2017.

Talissa’s work is uplifting and invites you to enjoy the classic motif of romance between two people, amongst swirling, interweaving group patterns. She is also a special intern at Jennifer Muller/The Works! Come see her dancers perform on October 14th at HATCH.

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Artist’s Statement:

Not only is it important to see your dancers perform your work outside of your everyday rehearsal space; having an audience, especially one that you do not have any relationship with, helps you take in feedback and criticism in a much more open way and it resonates a lot more effectively moving further with your creative process.

Professionalism, punctuality and, most of all, communication, are the values I look for when I consider working with dancers. But what makes it rewarding in the studio is when they are open to the ideas I want to investigate, and are willing to contribute with their own creative voices without fearing any judgement. I like collaborating with dancers in the process as well as asking for their opinions, inputs and suggestions whenever I feel ‘stuck’ or frustrated that the idea I had envisioned is not getting where I wanted. I have been lucky to have a consistent group of dancers I can trust and that they let me explore my choreographic ideas and help me along the way.

The NYC public is very well educated and appreciative of the dance community, and for that reason it is also very fair and expressive of their opinions and feedback. This is a crucial part of exposing a new work/work in progress as a start up choreographer, looking to learn the best way to translate their creative voice and introduce it to the City.

HATCH audiences should look forward to having an emotionally triggered experience through an exciting piece that merges lines and technique with storytelling.

Vist her website at

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