Meet Kathleen Kelly

Kelly presents Unstable Artifacts May 14th at HATCH!


Choreographer bio:

Kathleen Kelley is a choreographer, media artist, and Assistant Professor of Dance at Montclair State University. She received her BFA from the University
of North Carolina­Greensboro and her MFA from the University of Illinois at Urbana­Champaign. Her choreography has been shown across the US
including at the Dance Complex in Boston, the Center for Performance Research, the Tank NYC, the John Ryan Theater, Triskelion Arts Center, Brooklyn
Arts Exchange, Chez Bushwick, and Dance New Amsterdam. Her most recent work, “portlet” appeared as a video in the Rutgers University’s Momentum
Technology Videos Festival and the Philly FringeArts Digital Festival, and as a live performance at the Brick Theater in Brooklyn.

Dancer bios

Breeanah Breeden is from Cheraw, S.C. She is a Senior at Montclair State University where she will receive a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance Performance. While at Montclair State
she has performed in works by Bill T Jones, Larry Keigwin, Jose Limon, and Martha Graham. She has performed for Life Dance Company and Rahway Dance Theatre. Currently, she is the Production Manager/Cinematographer for Sidra Bell Dance New York and dances with Von Howard Project and New York based choreographer Kathleen Kelley. She was awarded the Choreographic Excellence Award in 2015 from Montclair State University.

Sanda Saveanu is a dance artist residing in Brooklyn, NY. After recently graduating from the University of Illinois with a BFA in Dance, she has created and performed with
dance makers Jennifer Monson, Renee Wadleigh, and Nico Brown. In 2014 she studied with Lucy Guerin, Inc. through the Secondments Program in Melbourne, Australia,
and for the past two years Saveanu has been part of ongoing projects with Kathleen Kelley and more recently with downtown choreographer Cathy Weis.

Meet Sabrina Oliveri

Oliveri presents Anguished May 14th at HATCH!

Choreographer Bio:

Sabrina Olivieri began her dance training at a young age at a local dance studio in Ft.Lauderdale, Florida. After moving to New Jersey with her family, she later continued her dance training through high school, and has been attending Somerset County Vocational and Technical High Schools Gifted and Talented Dance Honors Program since being a freshmen, and is graduating in June 2016. She is also currently studying at Ballet Forte at Wings Conservatory under the artistic direction of Andrea Kramer. She has had the opportunity to work with artists such as Randy James, Doug Elkins, Maureen Glennon, Meagan Woods and Ahmad Simmons to name a few.  Sabrina will be attending Montclair State University in the fall, and plans on receiving her Bachelor in Fine Arts in Dance. She has been involved in numerous Dance New Jersey events performing her own choreography, as well as setting her work on fellow classmates at Somerset County Votech in 2015 and 2016. Sabrina is also the recipient of the 2016 Governor’s Award in  Artistic Excellence and Leadership in Dance.

Dancers Bios:

Leslie Merced has been dancing since the age of 3 with American Dance Studios. She attended the Union County Academy for Performing Arts and is graduating in June 2016. She will be attending SUNY Purchase Conservatory of Dance for her Bachelor of Fine Arts in the fall. Leslie was involved in the New York University’s Future Dancers and Dance Makers Program for two years and attended the Rutgers University Summer Intensive Conservatory for Dance the summer of 2015. Leslie has worked with a variety of artists such as Carolyn Dorfman, John Evans, Melissa King, Tommy Scrivens, Andrea Kramer, and Alexandra Wells to name a few. She is extremely excited for what the future may hold for her and hopes she dances until the end of time.

Claudia Soga began her dance training at a local studio where she studied various genres of the art. When she realized she wanted dancing to be more than an after school activity, she began dancing at Ballet Forte Wings Conservatory under the artistic direction of Andrea Kramer. She decided to further her dance education throughout college, and just finished her first year as a dance major at Raritan Valley Community College. Claudia will be transferring to Rutgers Mason Gross School of Performing Arts, where she will obtain her BFA in dance. Claudia has had the opportunity to work with Randy James, Allan McCormick, Jon Bond, and Nuria Serra to name a few. Claudia is excited to further her
dance training this summer in Spain!

Paige Davis has been following her passion for dance since the age of four. She is currently training under Andrea Kramer of Ballet Forte in Chester, NJ where she’s training in ballet, contemporary, modern and jazz. She has also trained at Peridances summer intensive in NYC. She has performed in pieces choreographed by Sidra Bell, Tyler Gilstrap ,Randy James,Dorrell Martin ,Mark Travis Rivera and her most recent solo she worked with Jon Bond of NDT. She hopes to continue her passion of dance for many years to come.

Meet Aalokam

Aalokam presents Margam May 14th at Hatch!

More about Aalokam…

L77A4954 (2).jpg

Artist bios:

Bharathi Penneswaran

Bharathi has over 10 years of professional training in Bharatnatyam under Shri Justin McCarthy. Her credentials include a Post diploma in Bharatanatyam and a Yoga Teachers Training Program certification from Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram. She has been a part of several performances worldwide, the highlight of which has been her performance as the lead protagonist in an Indian National Award Winning documentary, O Friend, This Waiting, directed by Justin McCarthy & Sandhya Kumar, and screened in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, San Francisco & Paris. She has appeared in both solo and group performances such as the Dance Season & Drive East events of Navatman Dance Company in New York, the India Revival Group, showcasing Incredible India, in Montreal & Toronto, the Rukmani Devi Arundale Music and Dance Festival, the Sangeeth Natak Academy Awards and in several of Justin McCarthy’s Bharatnatyam Dance productions.  Her teaching experiences stem from a combination of working at some of the most prestigious institutions such as Shriram Bharatiya Kala Kendra in New Delhi and Delhi Tamil Sangam.

Jyotsna Kalyansundar

Jyotsna is an accomplished Bharatanatyam dancer with over 25 years of training in the Kalakshetra style, under the tutelage of Padmabhushan Shri. V.P Dhananjayan and Smt.Shanta Dhananjayan from Chennai, India. She has performed and accompanied her gurus in several of their legendary productions and staged performances worldwide such as Tagore’s Tasherdesh and Rasa Samudra. She has also performed as a soloist in prestigious dance festivals like the Natyarangam and the December (Marghazhi) festival held annually in one of India’s main cultural hubs, Chennai. Her training in teaching and performance included complete immersion in the art form, through experiential dance camps (Gurukulam/Ashram) and learning from the best of Natyacharyas (faculty) in Bharatanatyam, Kalari and folk dances such as the late Nattuvannar Kamala rani and Professor N.S. Jayalakshmi of Kalakshetra fame. She also joined the NY based Navatman
troupe in February 2012 and performed in their productions namely Rhythm Within and Dance of the Animals. She recently graduated with a Masters in Organization Psychology at Teacher’s College Columbia University, NY and has now set up her own institution that promises to provide a culturally enriching learning experience across various south Asian art forms, integrating similar values that she imbibed under her gurus.

Meet Joe Monteleone

Joe Monteleone performs Dexterity of Mouth and War 9 May 14th at HATCH


Joe Monteleone is a New York based solo dance artist, freelance choreographer, and Artistic Director of Monteleone Dance.  He received his B.F.A. inDance at Mason Gross School of the Arts, Rutgers.  His solo work has been presented at the Inception to  Exhibition Festival, Dixon Place, the Norwood Club, The Chocolate Factory, PMT Dance studio, Williamsburg Movement and Arts Center, and the Amalgamate Artist Series.  Joe won the Audience Favorite Award at NYC10 in 2015 for his solo work “Defense Mechanism”, and was voted favorite choreographer at The Intimate Series for
the same work.  As the director of Monteleone Dance, his company work has been presented at PMT Dance Studio, Dixon Place’s “Moving Men”, NYC10, the Norwood Club, Your Move Dance Festival, the Amalgamate Artist Series, Green Space, Boston University (ReVerb Dance Echoes Tour), Peridance (APAP Showcase), the Moving Beauty Split Bill Series, Triskelion Arts, Dumbo Dance Festival, Rutgers University, The Current Sessions,
Baruch Performing Arts Center (Reverb Dance Festival), among numerous other showcases throughout the NYC area.   His live installation work as been presented at the Alpha Art Gallery and the Infinito Gallery.   Current residencies include two Solo Commissions by The Moving Beauty Series, the coLAB Arts residency, and Arts and Education NJ.  Joe has taught at Mason Gross School of the Arts (Rutgers), Raritan Valley Community College, and is currently teaching at the PMT Dance Studio (NYC) and DancePlus Little Silver.

Meet Nuria Serra / NS DANZA

Nuria Serra presents LA TIETA May 14th at HATCH!

More About Nuria…


Choreographer bio:

Born near Barcelona, Núria showed from an early age aptitudes for theatrical expression and physical movement. Later she trained in classical dance at the Institut de Teatre de Barcelona and became interested in other disciplines such as jazz or contemporary dance.
In parallel to her artistic education, she graduated in Romance Philology from the University of Barcelona, developing a compilation of poems in Spanish and Catalan for the final project.  As a performer, she has developed her work in different companies, dance shows and national television.  Her company project began in 2006, the volume of creations and collaborations led to the concept of what is now known as NS danza Company.Her pieces have always been strongly linked to the theater and the scene. There is no choreography without symbolism, all intended to reach the viewer and convey sensations, ideas through which to explain short stories.  Some of her works have been awarded at international fairs, such as the “Kulturboerse” of Freiburg with “The Tic-Tac Colors”.  While waiting to elaborate her first solo project, began an upward creative career spanning more than six choreographic works.  As a result of all this creative work, Núria Serra has been invited to give workshops and courses not only in Catalan and Spanish dance schools, but also in North America, where she has shared with students and professionals her particular creative vision of the origin of motion.

At the same time, Núria continues her creative work directing various projects that she combines with the artistic direction of Cia NS danzafor companies, organizations and other creators.



Why is it helpful to present a work in progress?

Present a work in process is very interesting not only for the choreographer but

also for the audience. Allows an original idea can grow, take shape and enrich.

These are ideas that are boiling like a pot, something incandescent, which is still

being created at the moment is exposed, as an iron molds, and that allows to

receive changes from creator, the audience, the media, the feelings, the public, the

programmer, the theaters.

It is a process in progress, i.e., that changes with each viewer’s point of view, it is

able to receive more, to go further, to improve, and to grow as a diamond in the


I think you always have to be able to accept constructive criticism, but still be

yourself and still having a personal stamp. Every day it seeks for more

differentiation, authorship. It is a necessity in our world, originality, a priority of

the creator, be yourself, and for this we must be able to receive arrows, inputs, and

transform them into a new being.

I consider the work in progress as an inventory of ideas that await its packaging to

become perhaps eventually in a new show for example, adding sauces and

condiments, with good stage direction, set design or costume.

It is a base, a settlement of creative ideas that will need a wide views vision to

collect points of view, and will go like a sieve filtering elements to be added to the

gearing. With a final investment of time, it will become a grand final product.

I think it is necessary for all artists to show as much and as many times as possible,

his works in pure form. The work is to be shown, not be enclosed in a study.

Should breathe, gasp for air, know, accept, refuse … in one word, grow, and that is

not possible if the creator is enclosed within its shell. Should open its doors, its

hatches and let everyone in, go down the stairs, investigate, touch, change,

experiment … only thus something will come out that in some way will attract



Who are the most rewarding dancers for you to work with and why?

I think the best dancer to work with me should meet three important qualities:

– have a good technique and know himself (what qualities or abilities and what

their points to improve). I do not want a star. I do not like artists. I like

interpreters, so I like theater a lot and many times I use actors in my productions.

– be open to incorporate into his dance new artistic languages and at the same time

can provide to my style other points of view.

– Integrity and maturity. I not only care about age. I think there are very young

dancers but with a movement and a way of working both in class and in the study

of very adult way.

Therefore, it must be formed, but the most important thing is to want to provide

and let to be contributed.

Why is it important to present this piece of choreography to audiences in NYC?

I think, just to have the opportunity to present this piece to the public of New York

is important because it is the center of creation of the world where many cultures

converge, where everything is possible and where we can show unprejudiced as is

oneself, where all can be accepted. Very often is easier to show yourself through

this city than from where you belong.

In New York you can find the best in many areas and in which by nature is a

creation center that works alone, but also accepts people from all origins. The New

York public always wants more, always expects more, and is not satisfied with

what it has. It thrives on many races and many cultures, but it has its own identity.

It has its own style, its own pace and never stops walking, ever mutating, and does

not stop moving forward. Go forward and grow together in New York can mean a

great leap.

What should HATCH audiences look forward to in your work?

I hope to cover various expectations of audience and participants.

I think the public should not be lied. Nor the jury of any contest. For me the

audience is like a father or a mother. Knows you. Sees your intentions from the

seat and you cannot let him down.

A creator must be transparent and show his work without superfluous elements.

I think in my work the audience will find a mise en scene sincere and honest.

I feel in this regard as a simple meal, without sauces, something simple and does

not choke. It allows proper digestion and eaten with the senses rather than the

mouth. It provides calories, vitamins and necessary elements. I’m not a cake. The

sweets have never liked me, seem much but then burned away.

I imagine they also look for something different in the choreographic approach, not

just a dance or people moving around the scene. The movement began with the

music, the rhythm or words, with a feeling or a situation. I think as from the

experience and thereby will find a story in my proposal. My story. Something

Mediterranean, with essence, with pain but with joy, with passion, sweetness and

choreography and an interpreter that uses the technical elements as they are tools

to convey what I feel. I like to approach people, touching their feelings, stir up their

insides, beyond creating something beautiful. The world is full of great performers,

but not all actually touch what is called “fiber”.

I like to go through, with my choreographies or my words, the “shell” or “shield”

that we people put daily. I want to reach those elements that bring us as people, as

human beings … I do not like to get away, I like to go on stage to share with people,

to open them and be able to contribute something to this thing we call “world”

from my experience and my language, dance.


Meet Ryan McNally|Signatures

Ryan McNally | Signatures presents 3/4 May 14th at HATCH!

Choreographer Bio:

Ryan McNally hails from Portland, Maine where he danced with Perennial Effects and Ram Island Dance Companyunder Daniel McCusker. He choreographed, co­wrote, and co-
arranged an original musical for Maxy Ford Productions, The Silver Lining, and was the Director of Dance for Breakwater Creative Arts. Ryan received his BFA in modern dance
from Marymount Manhattan College has danced with Elizabeth Higgins Dance Theatre, A. Gise & Dancers, the Alternative Arts Association, HalloHallo Dance and Austrailian
Aboriginal­Contemporary fusion dance company, Untitled|Collective. Mr. McNally’s choreography and electronic music compositions for dance and theatre have been presented around New York and the Northeast, including at the HATCH series, WaxWorks, Fertile Ground, and the Elan Summer Dance Festival in Provincetown, MA. He has danced onstage with recording artist Maluca and choreographed the video for Xelle’s “Party Girl.” Along with writer/director Jen Browne, Ryan was chosen for the inaugural season of Green Space’s Take Root series, presenting an evening length dance/theatre piece, Handler’s Freedom Opera.

Signatures is a new dance company with a focus on works that utilize music with scores outside of common time; that is, music that cannot be counted in 4’s or 8’s. The purpose of this work is to challenge dancers to understand complex rhythms and scoring, to push audiences to develop auditory literacy, and for the choreographer to find greater depth within works that push the boundaries that music and dance have long coexisted within, while retaining artistic authority, a sense of auteurism and coherent expression, and a passion for the conceptual and hyper­analytical.


Dancer bios

Ashley D’Amboise, born in Broward County, FL, has been training to be a dancer since the age of 2. Her foundation is in ballet, tap, jazz, hip­hop and acrobatics from Michael’s
Dance Academy. She trained at Magda Aunon’s School of Classical Ballet in Ft. Lauderdale, FL during high school. Then she went on to earn her BFA degree in Dance at Florida
State University, in 2013. Immediately after graduation, Ashley moved to NYC to pursue a career in dance. She became certified to teach yoga and spin classes around the city and
continues her dance training at Broadway Dance Center and various other studios around NYC and Brooklyn. Ashley has choreographed and performed works with The Stillness
Rebellion Dance Collective. She was recently featured in a solo dance film for Pedestrian Wanderlust and is a proud new member of Ryan McNally’s piece, Signatures. To contact
and learn more about Ashley, visit her website at

Maisah Hargett hails from Columbus, OH, where she began formal dance training at the age of 8 with BalletMet Dance Academy. She attended Fort Hayes Arts &
Academic High School, went on to study dance and psychology at The Ohio State University, and eventually joined Dayton Contemporary Dance’s Second Company
(DCDC2).  Since relocating to NYC been a freelancer, performing with Misty Owens, Tamara Saari, HalloHallo Dance, Alan Danielson, Giada Ferrone, Ryan McNally, and
Azul Dance Theater .  She in addition to being a dancer she is a yoga instructor, teaching Vinyasa, kid’s, aerial, and restorative and AcroYoga styles. Website:

Lauren Serrano graduated from University of California Santa Barbara with a B.F.A. in dance. She is originally from Orange County where she trained at many local studios
including Jimmy Defores, and Edge Performing Arts Studio in Los Angeles. She went to Orange County High School for the Performing Arts for classical and commercial dance.
She has won various scholarships including a 3­month training scholarship at Edge Performing Arts studio, Miss Drill Team USA and received the departmental achievement award from UCSB in 2011. Lauren moved to New York City in 2012 for a work­study scholarship with Jennifer Muller and the Works. She has had the opportunity to dance with singing artist such as Mayer Hawthorne, and performed choreography in New York for choreographers Young Soon Kim, Toni Renee Johnson, Jennifer Muller and Mike Esperanza. Lauren recently graduated with her masters in dance education from the Arnhold Graduate Dance Education Program at Hunter College.



Meet Meg Newell

Newell presents Venture May 14th at HATCH!

More about Meg Newell…


Choreographer bio

Meg Newell has pursued her passion for dance and performing since the age of 3. Her foundation started at her local dance studio where she is now a teacher. Meg received her BFA from Adelphi University where she had the privilege of working with Doug Varone, Aszure Barton and Leda Meredith. After  college she performed with UnderToe Dance Project. Meg has founded 5th Element­ a company geared toward dedicated high school students who dream of becoming professional dancers. Lastly Meg is so excited to start her first season with Roschman Dance.

Dancer bios

Patrick Adams has been dancing for 9 years. He has performed for competitions such as Legacy Dance and Dance Educators of America where he has received many
awards such as Mr. Teen DEA 2015. During his first appearance at the Long Island Ballet Competition he placed second in his age category and won a silver medal for his
solo. He has performed at the Bolton Center in various musical theatre performances in Bayshore, NY and has performed in two high school recital shows: Little Shop of
Horrors and The Wiz. Patrick is also very involved with giving back to his community by participating in Deer Park Loves the Arts program and in DDI‐ Developmental
Disability Institute Autism Performances.

Kirsten Keane has been dancing for 7 years. She has had many performance experiences such as Long Island Ballet Competition and the Bayshore Bolton Center.
Recently Kirsten has performed in NYC at the Biomorphic Dance Festival. Kirsten studies many genres of dance but her true passion is ballet. She is always willing to
lend a helping hand in being a dance student teacher, performing in Deer Park Loves the Arts program and DDI‐ Developmental Disability Institute Autism Performances.

Why is it helpful to present a work in progress? 

Dance is forever changing and I as I am finding my voice as a choreographer I enjoy seeing my work outside of the rehearsal walls.

Who are the most rewarding dancers for you to work with and why?

I love working with people who have the courage to trust the room and give 100% of effort. The most exciting moments are when they get that “a­ha”!. Then from there you are limitless.

Why is it important to present this piece of choreography to audiences in NYC?

I’d like for my students who are in this piece to see what it’s like outside of their studio walls. Their dreams are to be prefessional dancers. This is where it starts.

What should HATCH audiences look forward to in your work?

Venture is about life moving on. Keep the good / leave the bad.

Meet Susan Steinman & Illuminations Dance Company

Illuminations Dance Company will Present Susan Steinman’s work Waves Saturday May 7th at HatchED!

IDC Transitional Justice 031316 6 6211

Choreographer Bio

Susan Steinman, of New Rochelle, NY, is a dancer and computer programmer. She has had the honor of performing locally and internationally with such artists as Jen Harmon, Bettmann Dances, the Limon Institute, the Center for Contemporary Opera, Racoco Productions and Eva Dean Dance. She is currently a member if Illuminations Dance Company and Captive Flow Dance. Susan’s choreography has been performed at Paradise Factory (NY, NY), Iona College (New Rochelle, NY), Educational Center for the Arts (New Haven, CT), and Greenspace (LIC, NY). She has taught workshops for dancers and
non­dancers at Harvard, Yale, Sacred Heart University, and the Coleman School of Dance.

Performer Bios

Renée Dalrymple grew up dancing in Northern Virginia.  She trained at the Virginia Ballet Company where she performed principle roles in ballets such as the Nutcracker, The Red Shoes, and Sleeping Beauty.  She also studied at the Virginia Governor’s School for the Performing Arts, the Joffrey Ballet School’s summer program, the University of Mary Washington and Madison Ballet.  She has taught at the Virginia Ballet Company, Fredericksburg Ballet Centre, and Avery Ballet.  Renée received her Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry and Mathematics from the University of Mary Washington and her PhD in
Analytical Chemistry from the University of Wisconsin Madison.  Renée is currently an Applications Scientist for Carl Zeiss Microscopy and is thrilled to be dancing with Illuminations Dance Company.

Tracy Fiore Lingeza is a recognized Pilates instructor, dancer and fitness expert in Westchester County.   After graduating from Hofstra University with a BA in Dance, Tracy performed with numerous modern dance companies including Murray Spalding, Danceworks and Josh Walden.   In 2003, She made her debut at the New York City Opera in The Mikado and La Traviata.  In 2000,She was certified by The Pilates Studio and The Pilates Method Alliance, she has taught at Peridance, Steps on Broadway, Re:AB, among other studios. She established, owns and operates Fiore Pilates in Mamaroneck since 2004.
Tracy has been recognized for outstanding achievement in the fitness field by Westchester Magazine, Shape Magazine, Inside Westchester, WFAS, and Westchester Health & Life. She is thrilled to be a member of Illumination Dance Company.

Since arriving in New York nearly 20 years ago, Julie McGough has been busy earning a Masters degree in Dance Education from NYU, teaching and building a dance program of
more than 100 students at New Rochelle High School in Westchester County, and raising two beautiful daughters. She has also enjoyed choreographing for children’s theater and
many musical theater productions. She is thrilled to be returning to the stage with Illuminations Dance Company and sharing in its vision and artistry.

Born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Allan McCormick has had an extensive career as both a performer and choreographer. After winning several titles as a gymnast and training as a dancer in Toronto, New York and Los Angeles (EDGE Performing Arts), Allan went on to perform with international stars Hanson, RuPaul and Olivia Newton –John. McCormick has been featured twice on Discovery Channel, as well as “The Tonight Show” with Jay Leno and “Dancing with the Stars.” As a Choreographer, Allan has received critical acclaim from many magazines and newspapers including the Los Angeles Times for his original choreography on “Bye, Bye Birdie,” “The Pirates of Penzance,” and “Mame” at Sam Kinison’s Grove Theater. In addition, he is a much sought after master class dance teacher all over Canada, U.S. and Europe including the Tanca Festival in Warsaw (Kielce Dance Theater) every year.Since working extensively with Franco Dragone (CIRQUE DU SOLEIL) on the creation of Celine Dion’s “A New Day,” Allan was an original cast member of “Le Reve” at Wynn Las Vegas and has acting roles ongoing with Jennifer Muller/The Works and is currently teaching contemporary dance in NYC.

Why is it helpful to present a work in progress?

With each showing of a new work the piece can constantly shift, move and develop.  Every version gives it the chance to be re­discovered in a new light and to hopefully and eventually result in the final, finished and polished product.  Showcases are extremely helpful to begin the dialogue with the audience, choreographer, dancers and friends with what works and what doesn’t.  What is the meaning? What is the movement?   What makes people feel?

Who are the most rewarding dancers for you to work with and why?

You’ll see Illuminations Dance Company perform Waves at Hatch(ed), but the piece was originally built and premiered on a different group of dancers (with some overlap). Each
dancer has her own personal groove and unique energy, so it’s been rewarding to see how different parts of the piece look with different bodies, and what qualities carry through
between casts. This group of dancers has been particularly wonderful to work with because they’re quick to learn and to help each other learn, they provide helpful feedback, and
they have a wonderful synergy that makes the piece stronger.

What should HATCH audiences look forward to in your work?

This piece was designed to evoke the imagery of the ocean at every turn. What does each moment remind you of? Do you see waves rising, cresting, and falling? The sparkle of the
light? Seaweed? Schools of fish? People often tell me that they feel unequipped to understand modern dance, that it’s abstract, intellectual, and inaccessible. I wanted to challenge that perception by using rich imagery to empower audiences to interpret and engage with the dance.

Meet Alan McCormick

Alan will present a new work in progress titled The Industry this Saturday May 7th at HatchED!

Allan 2016 pic 1

Choreographer bio

Born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Allan McCormick has had an extensive career as both a performer and choreographer. After winning several titles as a gymnast and training as a dancer in Toronto, New York and Los Angeles (EDGE Performing Arts), Allan went on to perform with international stars Hanson, RuPaul and Olivia Newton –John.

McCormick has been featured twice on Discovery Channel, as well as “The Tonight Show” with Jay Leno and “Dancing with the Stars.” As a Choreographer, Allan has received critical acclaim from many magazines and newspapers including the Los Angeles Times for his original choreography on “Bye, Bye Birdie,” “The Pirates of Penzance,” and “Mame” at Sam Kinison’s Grove Theater. In addition, he is a much sought after master class dance teacher all over Canada, U.S. and Europe including the Tanca Festival in Warsaw (Kielce Dance Theater) every year.

Since working extensively with Franco Dragone (CIRQUE DU SOLEIL) on the creation of Celine Dion’s “A New Day,” Allan was an original cast member of “Le Reve” at Wynn Las Vegas and has acting roles ongoing with Jennifer Muller/The Works and is currently teaching contemporary dance in NYC.

Performer bios

Anne Parichon is originally from France – Paris. She started her training as a little girl in balletand growing up she decided to extend her knowledge in dance and trained in hip hop, contemporary and jazz dance. She then attended the AID school of dance in Paris and the Conservatoire of Ivry-sur-Seine in which she was part of the company and performed as a contemporary dancer. In 2014, she moved to New York to study at the Martha Graham school. She has currently a scholarship at Jennifer Muller the Works and is involved in different dance projects.

Megumi Horiuchi is originally from Japan. After high school started dance at Osaka Dance and actors school for 2 years. After graduating, she worked at Universal studios Japan as a feature dancer and afterwards received a scholarship to Kyoto dance studio.

Leann Gioia, from Marengo, IL, has been dancing since she was four years old. She trained in many styles of dance at two different studios, first at the Beth Fowler School of Dance, and later at the Judith Svalander School of Ballet. She has attended several summer intensives such as Joffrey Chicago, ABT Austin, and Alonzo Kings Lines Ballet. After high school, she attended the University of Iowa to study dance and English. After graduating from the University of Iowa in May 2014 with a BFA in Dance and a BA in English, she moved to NYC to pursue her professional dance career. Leann is currently a company member with Alpha Omega Theatrical Dance Company and Pink Pig Ballet. She is also a teacher for Valerie Mae Ballet and Ballet and Body NYC, the assistant director for Pink Pig Ballet, and does part-time bookkeeping. She has participated in the work study/scholarship program at Jennifer Muller/The Works, the work/study program at the Mark Morris Dance Center, and performed in NYC with the Rachael Kosch Dance Company and Marie-Christine Giordano Dance.

Why is it helpful to present a work in progress?

It is helpful to present a work in progress so that we can see where we are and where we need to go. I am interested to see if the audience has input to help this process.

Who are the most rewarding dancers for you to work with and why?

Dancers that are confident in their movement, but extremely willing to try new and uncomfortable things are very interesting to work for.

Why is it important to present this piece of choreography to audiences in NYC?

It is important for this work to be shown in NYC because we are further away from the purity of nature, and are in danger of being swallowed up by the city without the chance of

What should HATCH audiences look forward to in your work?

Audiences can look forward to an idea emerging on the idea of the purity (new  baby) and how that infant goes through the process of having to put on the layers of culture,
education, society, etc.)

Meet Hope K. Ruth & Pink Pig Ballet

Hope K. Ruth will present new work this Saturday at HatchED – May 7th….
About Hope….
Hope was born and raised inTaiwan, graduated from Taipei National University of the Arts in Dance in 2003, and moved to New York in May 2004 to further her dance career.

Hope has performed with Taipei Ballet Company, Ballet Deviare, Upstate New York Ballet, Truly Fooly Children’s Troupe, New York Theatre Ballet and Ballet des Amerique, among others.

Hope works as a freelance ballerina and teaches classical ballet in the NYC area. She is an ABT® Certified Teacher, Primary to Level III of the ABT© National Training Curriculum.