Meet Kacie Devaney

Kacie Devaney will perform her solo titled Divided on April 16th at HATCH.  Read more about Kacie  below…


Choreographer bio

Kacie Devaney is a playwright, dancer, choreographer, actor, and song writer originally from San Francisco California. Before moving to New York, Ms. Devaney lived in Paris, France, where she completed a degree in Comparative Literature. In Paris, Kacie performed her new piece entitled Changing Tables that includes her original folk songs and choreography. Since her arrival in NYC two years ago, Kacie’s works have been accepted into and fully staged in; The Down Town Urban Theater Festival, The Thespis Theater Festival, The Festival for Women Playwrights, The Fringe Festival, and most recently The Strawberry Festival where her short entitled The Unknowns will go up in July. Kacie was invited to participate in the first ever, Elisa Monte Dancer’s Symposium as an emerging choreographer where she performed her cutting­edge dance, Acoustic love. Acoustic Love is a moving soliloquy framed in Ms. Devaney’s original folk song and dance. On April 4th Kacie had an industry reading of her play The Great Forgotten that had a sold out run in the NYC Fringe Festival. The Great forgotten, directed by Stephen Singer, is a compelling story with original Charleston dancing choreographed by Francis Patrelle. Kacie starred in her piece alongside Julie Voshell. In a review, both Kacie and Julie were applauded for their dancing. The Great Forgotten will go up in a larger venue this year. Details can be found at our Facebook page at, Kacie is thrilled to share her choreographic work in progress entitled Divided with all of you at, The Hatch Presenting Series.

Kacie Photo Guitar

Why is it helpful to present a work in progress?

It’s always helpful to present a work in progress as you gain valuable feedback from others about what can improve and what works. The details and nuances of your piece become more clear.

Who are the most rewarding dancers for you to work with and why?

Dancers and choreographers who believe in the art of storytelling. Dancer’s who might be technically sound but are equally versed in sharing their vulnerability with others. Dancers and choreographers who want to share and explore the human experience.

Why is it important to present this piece of choreography to audiences in NYC?

New York is a performing mecca rich with talent from all over the world. Many great artists had their start in New York City.

What should HATCH audiences look forward to in your work?

Movement that tells a story, that makes you feel something rather than simply watching a performance outside of yourself. Choreography that speaks to the human heart.



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